South Korea, Korean Refugee Ministry

Oppressive governments and famine have displaced this unreached people group. Every year, thousands of refugees leave their totalitarian country, where Christians are killed without trial, in search of a better and freer life. After escaping their home country, these young people travel through several Asian countries – many of them hostile – until they reach safety in South Korea. Some of these refugees were even born in other countries as their parents hid and tried to make a living. Some of them have been in danger, human trafficked, or been emotionally scarred and are in desperate need of a Savior. This summer, travel to South Korea and live with these refugee students in apartments or dorms, teaching them English, life skills, and showing them that there really is a God who loves them. Your first stop will be a joint orientation with other Nehemiah Teams. These days will be filled with training which will enable you to carry out your assignment as well as help your team get to know each other before arriving at your final destination. All team members must commit to the entire program from orientation through debrief.


Nehemiah Teams train prior to service in Alabama and return to Alabama at the end of the summer for debriefing.


Seoul, South Korea

People Group

East Asian Peoples


Jun 02, 2022 – Aug 01, 2022


$1,596 + airfare, insurance & visa costs



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