Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) has been around since 1919. Since then, we have strived to transition college students into a local body of believers.  BCM serves as a conduit for local SBC churches to reach out to students, faculty and staff in their university context with the gospel of Christ.

We do this using four guiding principles:

Reach: Sharing the Gospel as ambassadors of Jesus Christ in the collegiate community. 

Connect: Helping students find and connect with a Church Family in the campus community. Also, BCM students connect to campus life through being integrated in a large portion of University life. 

Strengthen: Helping build students in their faith and teaching them to win and build others.  Students are mentored and strengthened through leadership opportunities. 

Mobilize: Providing opportunities to share Christ locally, in our nation and around the world through a large variety of challenging mission opportunities.

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Baptist Collegiate Ministries
1250 MacArthur Dr., Alexandria, LA 71309


Mark Robinson
BCM Director


Janet Williams

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